In Germany Open Data is on fire: Roof Types are now available for ever …

(Copyright Foto: Open Data NRW)

Big Data is growing. So Open Data does. Four of the German Federal States Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia follow strictly an open data strategy. They offer public geodata for free.

This geodata contains i.a. 3D-data about buildings in LoD2 (Level of Detail 2). LoD2 reveals Roof structures and types such as Flat Roofs, Mansard Roofs, Open Gable Roofs, Box Gable Roofs etc.

Picture: 3D-Buildings in LoD2 in Bonn, Germany. Source: Open Data NRW.

The big data specialist infas 360 combines this data with addresses and all other open & public data, so that in result one of the biggest German databases describes 22 Million buildings by more than 700 variables. And 23 Million more without an address such as storage buildings.

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